lunedì 6 aprile 2020

succulent plants

In this period in which we are forced to stay at home, in quarantine, for this horrible COVID-19 virus, I have dedicated my time to putting some order ... how many memories have surfaced .... Remember and find all the passwords was an arduous undertaking, to the point of giving up and then .... here ALL was FOUND! I'm glad!

I confess that I have more than 500 emails to read .... help! I apologize in advance if I had not replied and that I had no longer turned on the PC and therefore I have not read even one, now I will read them and I will reply to everyone, hoping that they were not urgent emails.

I wanted to offer you a job to do together with children and not only, even for adults who do not have a green thumb like me!

succulent plants

toilet roll, egg container

Take a container of cardboard eggs and rolls of toilet paper.

toilet roll

Now you can choose which of the following seedlings to make or if you feel like you can make all three, I assure you it is fun and very relaxing.

succulent plants

Draw three large and two small oval shapes with a cut in the center, so that you can then tuck them into the large seedling.

drawn five ovals, three large and two small with a size in the middle, which will fit on the big ones

fold in half and paste

After painting them with acrylic colors green shades, make them dry and then fold in half


succulent plants

draw five equal circles

paint with green acrylic colors

let it dry and fold in half


succulent plants

draw twelve drops, cut out and paint green

paste with each other


now let's move on to the jars, cut two containers for each seedling, which we're going to glue into each other and paint them brown

paint brown acrylic colors

take a napkin and form balls that will form the pebbles of the seedlings

paper napkin


Now let's have fun decorating the seedlings, white flower with napkin, pink pom pom

succulent plants creative recycling


I hope you liked my idea.
And how are you going through quarantine?
If you want advice or make some other artifact, write me in the comments and I will publish the tutorial.
Soon, Mary.